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WPT GTO Trainer Fingers of the Week: Defending a Shallow Stack In opposition to a Cutoff Raise


Defending a Shallow Stack Against a Cutoff Raise

This week we’re targeted on a unheard of event region where you are misplaced in opposition to a great player on the Cutoff after calling their elevate from the Tall Blind. Stacks are shallow, with totally 20 Tall Blinds in the effective stack to commence the hand.

There are just a few flops where you have to to presumably form a number one vary from the Tall Blind on this region, but for the gargantuan majority of flops you have to to commence by checking to the preflop raiser. Checking is preferred as a default since the preflop aggressor on this region will in total own an fairness advantage. This form that as the preflop aggressor, their vary is in total stronger and narrower than your calling vary from the Tall Blind.

Defending a Shallow Stack Against a Cutoff Raise

On the opposite hand, it’s crucial to care for in mind that the player on the Cutoff can own a grand broader hand vary than many various seats on the desk as the preflop aggressor. This would well aloof motive you to device shut extra fingers to showdown on this self-discipline when put next to spots dealing with narrower ranges from earlier put raisers.

As a total rule, you steal to deserve to check-elevate the Cutoff’s continuation guess with some sturdy fingers (including inclined top pairs) and a few lower fairness draws (backdoor draws, gutshots with overcards, and a few others) so that your check-elevating vary is considerably polarized. You should presumably in total check-name with medium energy fingers and draws.

Donk-betting, or main out once you known as the previous aspect road, is in total totally viable on fairness changing cards. Main out when a card comes that helps your overall hand vary very much is also a upright design, whether or no longer your hand is genuinely helped by that card or no longer.

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