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Postle Hit With Two Motions to Strike, Dropped by Lawyers

Mo Nuwwarah

The latest legal updates aren't great for Mike Postle.

The most modern excellent updates in the Mike Postle memoir are usually not taking a gape rosy for the alleged poker cheat.

For one thing, he is been hit with two motions to strike his complaints in California courts, by defendants in his lawsuit alleging defamation and attempting for hundreds of millions in damages (Disclosure: PokerNews was additionally a named birthday party within the suit). If the courts grant the motions, Postle will likely be on the hook for paying a heap in excellent prices.

Talking of excellent prices, Postle could presumably per chance also secure his secure to nervousness about. That’s because his lawyers from the preliminary submitting, which took reputation abet in October, secure succeeded in losing him as a shopper, in accordance with Todd Witteles.

Witteles, founding father of Poker Fraud Alert and a a trend of submitting the above motions, launched both of the traits on Twitter.

“The whole lawsuit was absurd,” Witteles acknowledged on one in all his radio reveals last month. “It was trend of upright supposed to annoy each person here, for my share.

“Or not it is very frustrating can secure to you’re the defendant in a frivolous lawsuit.”

Brill and Witteles Rely on Anti-SLAPP Laws

Postle’s lawsuit reportedly sought $330 million in damages from parties publicizing his title in reference to the unhealthy and widely covered cheating scandal at Stones Gambling Hall in California.

Two of the defendants in that case are Witteles and Veronica Brill, who served as the preliminary whistleblower when the memoir started blowing up abet in October 2019. They’re utilizing anti-SLAPP laws in California to combat abet in opposition to Postle’s excellent attack.

SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit in opposition to public participation. Basically based completely on the Media Legislation Resource Heart, anti-SLAPP laws are “designed to believe for early dismissal of meritless court docket cases filed in opposition to folks for the exercise of First Modification rights” — with such suits veritably “dropped at intimidate and silence opponents and critics who had spoken out within the public sphere.”

“This is the correct reason that reputedly counterfeit defamation cases are incessantly not prosecuted in California.”

Anti-SLAPP laws present an avenue for those attacked in this type of excellent manner to get their excellent prices covered if they can secure to prevail in their motions to strike the cases. California’s anti-SLAPP laws are incessantly thought-about among the crucial appropriate within the nation.

Every Witteles and Brill level out in their suits they exercised free speech. Furthermore, Postle, as a poker player consistently promoted by the Stones livestreams, qualifies as a public figure, which erodes some of his safety in defamation cases as he has to portray they had malice when calling out his alleged cheating. In that vein, their motions additionally deliver that they brought consideration to the case a matter of public hobby reasonably than to wound Postle particularly.

“It’s obvious that Plaintiff filed this meritless lawsuit in an are trying and better his secure public image, with tubby push apart for the rights of Witteles,” says Witteles’ circulate, filed by Eric Bensamochan. “This is the correct teach the Anti-SLAPP legislation was designed for. The Court can secure to grant this particular circulate to strike in step with Witteles’ smartly-basically based simply to free speech, and within the interests of equity and justice.”

Todd Witteles
Witteles fought abet in opposition to the lawsuit.

Brill’s circulate comes in share from Marc J. Randazza, who has on a whole lot of cases been co-counsel to Mac VerStandig. A noteworthy criminal professional within the gaming industry who dealt with the excessive-profile case in opposition to Postle and Stones, VerStandig provided short diagnosis of the motions for PokerNews.

“Every motions are remarkably smartly written and elevate excellent gains that near as no surprise within the context of this case,” he acknowledged. “They recount what’s not any question a horrifying obstacle to Mr. Postle’s case.

“I remain puzzled as to why he ever thought it in fact helpful to elevate litigation esteem this in a deliver with this type of noteworthy anti-SLAPP legislation. This is the correct reason that reputedly counterfeit defamation cases are incessantly not prosecuted in California.”

The motions from Witteles and Brill are scheduled to be heard in court docket Feb. 10 and Feb. 11, respectively.

Who Will Scream Postle?

As for who will checklist Postle when those motions secure their day in court docket, that is been left up within the air after a pattern that started courtesy of VerStandig last month. On Dec. 9, he tweeted a reproduction of a excellent document filed by Steven T. Lowe, Postle’s criminal professional within the defamation suit.

The document reveals Lowe requesting to be relieved by the court docket from his tasks as counsel to Postle. Lowe cited an absence of verbal replace from Postle as his reasoning.

Witteles’ attorney, Bensamochan, acknowledged on the radio demonstrate that many cases, such requests stem from both lack of price or scenarios where facts of the case on the enviornment of sunshine that demonstrate a shopper has been untruthful. He acknowledged these cases are inclined to be “very spirited to dangle” and customarily believe tens of hundreds of bucks in excellent prices.

Basically based completely on Witteles, that circulate has now been granted, that means Postle has ultimate a couple of month to stare recent representation sooner than his next court docket date.

Not decrease than one involved birthday party opined that she would not secure excessive expectations for Postle as a ways as his next steps are concerned.

@ToddWitteles Time for postle to search out some money for a recent attorney but he’ll doubtlessly upright do hiding in his house and develop nothing

— Veronica Brill 2.1 (@Angry_Polak)