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Portuguese Participant Wins World Championship of On-line Poker Distinguished Match For $1.1 Million

The 2020 World Championship of On-line Poker (WCOOP) series attracted a full of 1,119,186 full entries all around the 225-match agenda. A full of $99,780,230 in prize cash was once paid out in the center of the series, with $10 million being awarded in the marquee match of the entire affair: the $5,200 purchase-in WCOOP no-restrict shield’em main match. The match attracted a field of 1,977 entries, and in the pause it was once Portuguese player Andre ‘PTFisherman23’ Marques that emerged victorious with the title and the head payout of $1,147,271.

The final table started with Teun ‘tinnoemulder’ Mulder in the chip lead, while Marques and Robin ‘robinho’ Ylitalo no longer some distance in the help of. Marques overtook the lead early on by knocking out Cecilia ‘princes chu’ Cafaro in ninth effect. Marques raised from the cutoff with ADiamond Suit3Spade Suit and Cafaro shoved in the final of her short stack from the button with AHeart SuitAmpleDiamond Suit. Marques known as and made a 5-high straight on the flip to send Cafaro to the rail with $99,997 for her deep tear.

Marques picked up pocket queens towards the pocket sevens of ‘77atlant77’ and held to slim the field to seven. Michael ‘munchenHB’ Telker was once the following to be eliminated. He got all-in with AClub Suit4Club Suit and discovered himself facing the 10Heart Suit10Club Suit of Andriy ‘Andre_Hansen’ Lyubovetskiy. The pocket tens held up and Telker was once knocked out in seventh effect ($196,792).

Denys ‘SantaZzz’ Chufarin misplaced a immense preflop tear to hit the rail in sixth effect. He got all-in with ADiamond SuitJClub Suit towards the 8Spade Suit8Club Suit of Ylitalo and took the lead on a JSpade Suit10Diamond Suit3Heart Suit flop. The QClub Suit flip saved Chufarin forward, however the 9Spade Suit river gave Ylitalo a successful straight. Chufarin was once awarded $276,069 for his sturdy showing.

Lyubovetskiy got his final chips in with AmpleHeart SuitJClub Suit and discovered himself dominated by the AHeart SuitJSpade Suit of Tonio ‘prrrak4783’ Roder. Lyubovetskiy failed to beef up and was once sent residence with $387,284 for his fifth-effect enact. Four-handed play persisted for a while earlier than the decisive hand arose. Ylitalo moved all-in from below the gun with AClub SuitAmpleClub Suit and Mulder known as retaining 9Spade Suit9Heart Suit in the tiny blind. Mulder flopped bottom verbalize and held from there to assign away with Ylitalo in fourth effect ($543,301).

The final three struck a deal that ensured they’d all be incomes seven-resolve paydays, leaving the title and an extra $100,000 from the prize pool to play for. Mulder completed third when his AClub Suit3Club Suit was once unable to beat the ASpade SuitJDiamond Suit of Marques. He took residence $1,101,528 per the deal.

Heads-up play started with Marques retaining roughly a 2:1 lead on Roder. He has in a situation to lengthen his help to higher than 6:1 by the point the final hand was once dealt. With a board of 9Club Suit6Spade Suit2Spade Suit9Heart Suit, Marques checked the flip and Roder bet 3.5 million into a pot of seven.9 million with 6Club Suit5Diamond Suit. Marques take a look at-raised to 14 million retaining 8Club Suit7Spade Suit for an birth-ended straight scheme and Roder known as. The 10Diamond Suit on the river performed Marques’ straight. He moved all-in and Roder went into the tank earlier than calling for his match life. Marques’ straight secured him the pot and the title, while Roder earned $1,082,523 because the runner-up.

Right here’s a stare at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Pickle Name Earnings
1 Andre ‘PTFisherman23’ Marques $1,147,271*
2 Tonio ‘prrrak4783’ Roder $1,082,523*
3 Teun ‘tinnoemulder’ Mulder $1,101,528*
4 Robin ‘robinho’ Ylitalo $543,301
5 Andriy ‘Andre_Hansen’ Lyubovetskiy $387,284
6 Denys ‘SantaZzz’ Chufarin $276,069
7 Michael ‘munchenHB’ Telker $196,792
8 ‘77atlant77’ $140,280
9 Cecilia ‘princes chu’ Cafaro $99,997
  • Indicates payouts in retaining with a 3-approach deal.