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Poker Strategy: Hand Breakdowns With WPTDeepStacks Champion Kyle Kitagawa

Kyle Kitagawa is a ample’s ample. He performs cash games in Northern California to grind out a residing and takes shots at tournaments up and down the west flee for the larger scores.

After a couple years of shut calls on the match circuit, Kitagawa made a leap forward along with his first six-resolve ranking at the WPTDeepStacks $1,500 most predominant match at Impart Valley Casino. Kitagawa defeated 356 entries and earned $106,520 for his efforts.

Card Participant sat down with Kitagawa to procure perception into his realizing job from two fingers he played at the final table.

Hand 1

Ideas: The use of fingers that unblock skipped over attracts to bluff with

The Circulate: Zihan Men raised to 150,000 on the button and Kyle Kitagawa three-wager to 315,000 out of the extensive blind. Men called. On the flop, Kitagawa wager 280,000 and Men called. Kitagawa wager 400,000 on the flip and turned into called by Men. On the river, Kitagawa wager 785,000 and Men folded.

Steve Schult: What did you map of Zihan’s 3x preflop enhance? I believed the regular on right now time and age turned into between comparatively bigger than a minraise. Did you’re taking the leisure away from it?

Kyle Kitagawa: I desire to say that overall, when it turned into three-handed and heads-up, everybody turned into raising to the identical amount and it turned into pretty constant. I don’t take it being bigger than regular.

SS: That turned into merely the regular enhance size for the table?

KK: Yeah. And we had been all comparatively deep nonetheless, so I didn’t ponder too powerful of it. He turned into opening his button with a reasonably huge vary, which is regular for this stage of the match.

SS: What made you enlighten out to just a few-wager his button enhance?

KK: He had been three-making a wager pretty huge on the button, as he must nonetheless. And when I seemed down at the ace, my preliminary realizing turned into to take initiative and merely take it down without seeing a flop. That turned into my first realizing. But I didn’t three-wager that extensive despite the true fact that, so it’s doable that in-recreation, I believed my ace turned into supreme and I merely getting extra price.

SS: In hindsight, would it’s seemingly you’ll perchance presumably presumably moreover merely maintain three-wager to an even bigger sizing if for no various motive moreover your positional downside?

KK: Yeah. Presumably. Then all any other time, I invent take at some level, earlier than this hand, thinking that I did desire to play a extensive pot with this guy. No longer due to the he turned into dreadful or the leisure. He turned into no doubt pretty first fee, but I did be taught about him procure into just a few spots in opposition to various avid gamers the build the pot received actually extensive, but it no doubt felt that he presumably may perchance well presumably’ve averted those cases.

I moreover realizing that he turned into folding loads bigger than he must nonetheless on later streets. I didn’t know his playing cards at the time we had been taking part in clearly, but I said to myself “If he calls a 3-wager, I will be succesful of presumably merely outplay him post-flop.”

SS: This appears to be like to be admire the realizing from the procure-poke turned into to merely stride him over? Is that why you made the choice to wager the flop after lacking all the pieces fully?

KK: In any case, it depends on the board texture, precise? But I ponder the majority of the time when I poke to just a few-wager out of mumble, except it’s a terribly wet board that I fully miss, the majority of the time I’m going to map a c-wager (continuation wager). And the flop turned into pretty dry.

General, it turned into a reasonably dry flop. I’m presumably going to c-wager that plenty of the time. And since of he knows that it’s a dry flop that I’m going to c-wager at a excessive frequency, he’s presumably going to poke along with the poke along with the circulate me loads too. So that increases the percentages that I’m going to must barrel the flip, except it’s a terribly unsuitable card.

I sized my flop wager on the smaller stop due to the I didn’t maintain the leisure on the board. I needed to present myself a easy out in case he raised me. The board manner too dry merely to verify.

SS: He calls and as well you stop up making a wager the flip all any other time. Had been you going to shut down on particular flip playing cards?

KK: I ponder a queen, king, or ace, that aren’t hearts, I’m presumably going to fire any other shell on the flip. After he calls the flop, he can maintain a jack, he can maintain a flush plan. There are a kind of flush attracts he can maintain. There are a kind of pocket pairs, and fingers admire middle and bottom pair. A hand admire 5-4. I felt admire there had been a kind of fingers he may perchance well presumably name me with.

But when the flip is a queen, it felt admire a reasonably procure card for me to barrel all any other time. I ponder that card hits my three-making a wager preflop vary loads. I ponder if I check on that card, it roughly caps my vary. It tells him that at ideal I maintain a jack and I’m vexed about the queen or one thing.

SS: Whereas you did ranking to verify, are you merely giving up? Or merely making an are trying to procure to showdown?

KK: If I checked and he wager the flip, it may perchance well presumably be a reasonably easy give-up. But when he checks aid on the flip, it becomes reckoning on the river. I’d merely check the river due to the I ponder my ace-excessive will likely be supreme plenty of the time if he has a plan or one thing admire that.

SS: The river pairs the jack. In most cases, the board pairing river slows folk down from continuing their bluffs since the board texture doesn’t trade a ton. What made you fire that closing shell?

KK: Because I maintain the ace already, I’m blocking a kind of combos admire A-J and A-Q. After the flip, when he calls, I rule out a kind of Q-X fingers. The board is getting pretty wet with a bunch of heterosexual attracts and flush attracts. A queen must nonetheless wager no longer ideal to present protection to his hand, but for price.

So, I’m ruling out fully fingers admire A-Q and Sufficient-Q. I’m throwing those out the window.

SS: You concentrate on he would enhance you on the flip with a queen?

KK: Yeah. I ponder if he had a queen, he would’ve raised typically due to the I ponder he can nonetheless procure price if I had a jack or a plan. Plus, if he raised with a Q here, it may perchance well presumably be in accordance to how he turned into raising in earlier pots I saw him play. So, I’m ruling out a kind of Q-X fingers at that level.

So now when he calls the flip, I consider namely thinking ‘Okay. He has 9-9 or 10-10.’ I consider narrowing it valid down to those two fingers, a combo plan, or a dilapidated J-X hand.

He can maintain A-10 of hearts, Sufficient-10 of hearts, 10-8 of hearts. I maintain the 3h, so the ideal straight and flush combos that he can maintain on the flop is 5h4h. There are moreover a kind of pair and flush combos that he can maintain too admire what he had. In overall, the leisure with a six and two hearts he can maintain in his vary.

We had been taking part in no longer merely that day, however the day earlier than together and I had been three-making a wager him a kind of times and I felt admire he turned into finally getting sticky with me. Because he had folded a kind of times to my three-bets earlier than this.

It’s moreover price noting that if he does ranking a flush combo, it makes it powerful less likely that I’m on a flush plan. So it makes my vary see powerful stronger to him, Because if he has a form of attracts, I will be succesful of’t maintain a form of attracts.

SS: I saw that after you made the river wager, you proceed to had 20 extensive blinds in the aid of. Had been stack sizes a perform of this play? Would you be making this play while you happen to had been shorter and needed to merely shove the river?

KK: If I turned into shallower, I’d presumably must rip it. There are a kind of issues happening in my head on this river. The flop and flip bets had been every in the 30-40 p.c vary, which roughly appears to be like to be price-ish to me. And I roughly wanted to ranking that constant.

I’ve received his vary narrowed valid down to a pocket pair, J-X, and any of those combo attracts I discussed. And if I ponder he would enhance me on the flip with a queen, then the ideal pair and flush combos he can maintain is with the 6. These are all going to be hero calls pretty powerful if I wager this river.

The valid fingers I’m actually vexed about listed below are J-X fingers, except he received actually sticky with a form of pocket pairs or 6-X of hearts. So I needed to map this wager see admire it turned into for price.

If he has a jack, he’s calling me it’s no longer relevant what, precise? So I needed to slash my losses if he calls and I nonetheless maintain ample to map a comeback if he calls and I lose. And I ponder it turned into ample to procure most of those middle pairs and 6-X combos to fold.

Plus, my perceived vary is moreover pretty narrowed valid down to Q-Q, Q-J, 6-6 or a ballsy stone-chilly bluff. I ponder fingers admire A-Q, I’d check-name the river, and fingers admire A-J or Sufficient-J, I’d check-name the flip. So the true fact that I never slowed down represents a extremely sturdy vary. What would I wager if I had a fleshy residence? Perhaps the amount that I wager.

Hand 2

Ideas: Taking part in pot ranking watch over with fingers that are at the pinnacle of your bluff catching vary

The Circulate: Kyle Kitagawa raised to 215,000 on the button and Thu Tran three-wager to 600,000 out of the extensive blind. Kitagawa called. Tran wager 300,000 on the flop and Kitagawa called. Both avid gamers checked the flip and Tran checked the river as nicely. Kitagawa wager 800,000 and Tran called.

SS: A-J is very sturdy heads-up. Attain you ever four-wager this hand?

KK: I turned into by it. I’ll perchance well presumably’ve without notify four-wager shoved it, but I felt that calling turned into the upper play due to the it may perchance well presumably nonetheless leave me with plenty of chips and I turned into already in mumble post-flop. So, I elected to merely name.

His hand turned into no longer a segment of what a used three-making a wager vary may perchance well presumably be, so I’m no longer sure if that turned into merely a a part of him feeling admire he had momentum now that he had regained the chip lead. Presumably he turned into merely making an are trying to lean on my stack. Esteem you said, A-J is very sturdy heads-up, but with my stack size, it gets a bit tricky taking part in A-J.

SS: He bets very small on the flop with top pair. When he chooses this size, what are you thinking his vary is?

KK: He did three-wager, however the part is that all any other time, that flop is very dry. He can maintain a hand admire A-Q, Sufficient-Q, Q-J, he may perchance well presumably well maintain some pocket pairs that are no doubt vexed about the queen.

One part is that I had a magnificent greater than regular read on this guy. I don’t desire to procure too powerful into tells, but I actually had a order that I felt pretty confident in with him. Also, along with his making a wager sizes throughout the total final table, I had noticed that he turned into both making a wager small when he turned into dilapidated or he turned into making a wager small when he had it. I will be succesful of’t consider precisely which one it turned into due to the it turned into almost two months ago.

But regardless, when he bets so small admire that and I maintain a backdoor straight plan and an ace may perchance well presumably nonetheless be supreme, I poke to on the total name.

SS: If he had wager bigger on the flop, let’s recount a half-pot size moderately than a quarter-pot size, invent you proceed to poke along with the poke along with the circulate him with this hand?

KK: I ponder on this board, I’m on the total going to must name and poke along with the poke along with the circulate him extra incessantly than no longer.

SS: Why did you enlighten out to verify aid on the flip while you happen to map top pair?

KK: When he checks, there are a couple issues happening in my ideas. First off is the worst-case scenario and he has some monster admire A-Q and he’s checking to trap me. And technically, in a kind of how, his check is to trap me due to the he knows that I’m going to make use of the ace as a bluff card plenty of the time.

2d is that if he’s checking the flip for weakness, then if I wager it, he’s going to fold and I’m shedding price. All any other time, that flop is incessantly dry. He took place to maintain a queen this time, but a valid chunk of the time he won’t maintain the leisure. I felt that checking aid would no doubt lengthen the probability that I procure price on the river.

I will be succesful of both flip my hand into a bluff catcher if he bets the river of if he checks the river, then I will be succesful of merely wager and hope that he has a hand that can name. I moreover don’t ponder there are plenty of of fingers that are calling the flip. If I knew he had a queen, I’d’ve wager it.

SS: How did you land on the sizing? What are you making an are trying to procure price from?

KK: Making an are trying to procure price from a queen or price from a ten. At that level, I roughly merely must wager and hope that he has one thing to name. I will be succesful of’t merely check a hand that extensive twice in mumble. If he ends up doing a extra special check-enhance, that may perchance well presumably without a doubt ring some bells in my head, and I’d without a doubt must reevaluate.

SS: If he did pull off a river check-enhance, does having the Jh to your hand lend a hand you name?

KK: Surely. I block flushes, I block Sufficient-J. I inform he can maintain Q-10. I inform that may perchance well presumably be the ideal hand that I’ll perchance well presumably be straight vexed about it. I ponder I felt pretty tickled on the river despite the true fact that, with my dwell read on him, that my ace turned into supreme.

SS: You don’t must poke too deep into specifics. But I know that that is roughly a heated debate in poker precise now. Whether or no longer or no longer you need to always nonetheless merely be a robotic taking part in recreation principle optimal technique or whether or no longer or no longer you need to always nonetheless take dwell reads and exploitative technique into myth, but how powerful invent you namely weight dwell tells?

KK: It depends on how constant and supreme I have faith about the order is. No longer everybody has a order, so in most cases you straight up don’t maintain the formulation to poke along along with your dwell read. But there are some cases, and I’d no doubt recount that it is a bit rare, namely in the late levels of a match, the build it’s seemingly you’ll perchance presumably presumably moreover merely maintain a read on a participant that is so exact. I ponder I turned into merely clean lucky that I executed up heads-up with this guy.

I ponder he’s a magnificent participant, but I merely felt that I had a terribly supreme read on him. It mattered loads to me in that particular person notify.

Pictures supplied by WPT, WSOP, and Seminole Exhausting Rock