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No Gamble, No Future: Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks Chemistry Shines All the blueprint in which via USPO

Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks

One in every of the keys to the chemistry that has introduced so great success for the rising commentary team of Brent Hanks and Jeff Platt is the issue-life friendship they like outdoors of the grind of their day after day broadcast lives. Their connection changed into rapid after they met for the main time at an audition and they’ve taken any opportunity to work collectively since, rising amongst the ranks of commentary teams to grow to be a traditional fixture of the broadcast gross sales plan within the PokerGO Studio at Aria Resort and On line casino.

Hanks, a gentle predominant school teacher from Western New York, hit pay dirt after he left the teaching profession to focal level on taking half in poker bigger than a decade ago. He found rapid success when he moved to Las Vegas to pursue professional poker, winning the PokerStars Sunday Hundreds and thousands in his first weekend in town and at last a gold bracelet at the 2012 World Series of Poker. In the time since he has progressively built a profession as a poker broadcaster, utilizing his records of the game and his outsized personality to attain a huge fluctuate of poker teach.

Platt, a Texas native, had a more light route to his broadcasting profession in poker. He is a graduate of the broadcast journalism program at the University of Southern California and changed into a aged of native TV data reporting and sports activities radio at a few stops across the nation sooner than getting a gamble to quilt the San Antonio Spurs. His persistence in pursuit of broadcasting in poker has paid off, and Platt has taken profit of each and every that you are going to be ready to imagine opportunity along the manner, including a region as co-host of the PokerNews Podcast.

No Gamble, No Future

The pair got their launch collectively on the studio existing Friday Evening Poker and contain grown rapid into one of poker’s most neatly-liked commentary teams. Their new podcast “No Gamble, No Future” is on hand now, and you is also ready to currently hear them calling US Poker Starting up closing desk circulation on PokerGO.

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Q&A w/ Jeff & Brent

We sat down with Jeff and Brent at the USPO to receive their thoughts on what makes them one of these compelling broadcast team.

Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks
Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks

PokerNews: Brent, what changed into the transition luxuriate in from being an predominant school teacher to taking half in poker professionally?

Brent Hanks: As soon as I left the teaching profession I changed into 27 years light, and I had a chance to assemble if I changed into essentially going to determine on poker severely as a profession I could possibly well possibly decide on to commit myself full time to it. I had a spread of huge success on-line taking half in, and for the cramped times I changed into taking half in live I felt very gay at the desk.

Absorbing to Las Vegas from moderately of farm town in Western New York appropriate gave the impact luxuriate in the cheap ingredient to assemble. I had my folk’ blessing and enhance and that’s how I ended up right here.

The transfer came after I had a spread of on-line success. I could possibly well assemble a teacher’s salary in a weekend, and I had performed it a few times appropriate taking half in on-line tournaments. That year that I moved to Las Vegas I obtained the Sunday Million on my first Sunday in Las Vegas, and I adopted it up later that year by making my first closing desk at the World Series of Poker.

How prolonged were you teaching?

BH: I taught for three years.

What changed into “Mr. Hanks” luxuriate in?

“I thought If I work in sports activities broadcasting and I revel in taking half in poker so great, what if I merged these two passions?”

BH: Mr. Hanks changed into more than likely what you’d question. My current book that I could possibly well possibly read to my students after lunch changed into The Large Suited Huge and I could possibly well possibly come up and stroll across the desks and tables. I changed into serving to with teaching sports activities and I changed into that teacher that changed into taking half in dodgeball with the kids each and every recess. It’s most likely you’ll possibly well no longer enter my school room within the morning or creep away at the terminate of the day without a “Hanksy High 5.” The same to what I assemble with poker, all my students repeatedly had nicknames. That is one thing that has carried over to what I assemble with the players.

Jeff, you took a more light route to a life in broadcasting. The build did poker launch to overlap with the comfort of your professional life?

Jeff Platt: I started taking half in in excessive school with my guests. We were your conventional clichéd neighborhood that thought “Moneymaker is on TV so we must play as successfully.” I had a lightbulb 2d. I thought If I work in sports activities broadcasting and I revel in taking half in poker so great, what if I merged these two passions? So I fell into poker broadcasting. I saved in contact with Dan Gati, who is Govt Producer for Poker PROductions now, and I could possibly well possibly ask if they’d the relaxation or if I could possibly well come out and audition. Dan would disclose, “We don’t contain the relaxation, but obvious you are going to be ready to come out and audition.” So I went to Las Vegas and talked to Dan and I talked to Mori Eskandani, the President of PokerGO, and I auditioned for them.

My audition changed into essentially with Brent. I judge it changed into essentially to see how Brent changed into doing and how he changed into constructing as a broadcaster at the time, and they desired to see if they would possibly well simply throw him into the combination. After that audition, I didn’t hear too great from them, but I stressed Dan moderately of bit and he eventually gave me a few WSOP events in 2018 and since then it’s been very fair appropriate.

Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks
Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks

Is that the build you met for the main time?

JP: Sure. I changed into one of essentially the most easy listeners to his podcast on Poker Central support within the day, I judge, so I knew who he changed into the main time we had met.

When did you launch working collectively?

BH: I judge the main gig we ever did collectively changed into sitting at the rupture desk with Maria Ho for the 2018 Poker Masters series. It changed into that following descend after we had auditioned collectively. The chemistry and the friendship and the working relationship started correct then and there. Shortly after that, we did a studio existing known as Friday Evening Poker, which changed into me, Jeff, and Amanda Negreanu. We essentially took off at some level of that existing and realized we had huge chemistry. I possess Dan and Mori within the support began to acknowledge that as successfully, so they started including us to diversified things luxuriate in the Immense High Roller Bowl, the USPO, and diversified global events. Your entire ingredient appropriate took off correct from Friday Evening Poker.

JP: Now we make a selection into myth ourselves a team. I judge within the muse with Poker Masters and Friday Evening Poker, Dan and Mori were appropriate attempting to see what works. And one thing clicks right here. I judge what helps is that we are guests outdoors of the job as successfully. We have same pursuits. We each and every worship sports activities making a bet, playing, and we’ve fallen in worship with poker. It fits and we have got developed precise chemistry over the last couple of years. We judge we are bettering and we attempt to enhance on a consistent basis.

JP: We expend time collectively faraway from poker collectively. I’ll creep over to his home and hang out with Liz and the kids.

BH: My kids worship him. They name him “Mr. Jeff” and they’ll ask the build “Mr. Jeff” is moderately great each and every day. And we additionally contain our contain existing on the aspect known as “No Gamble, No Future,” which is a hybrid between what’s going on within the enviornment of sports activities and the enviornment of poker. We judge we are tapping proper into a new viewers.

What changed into the genesis of the “No Gamble, No Future” podcast?

JP: That’s been Brent’s thought without end. For the last couple of years, he has talked about doing some roughly existing that could possibly well also merge sports activities making a bet, fantasy sports activities, and poker.

BH: It appropriate fell into plan at the correct time. We had talked about it for some time. We would meet and contain lunch, and naturally gamble, and we thought that we wants to be doing this as phase of the present. In the extinguish, we got the inexperienced light from PokerGO and talked about let’s assemble it. We assemble it live each and each week and we have got a ton of enjoyable on that existing with our team. Shoutout to John Bovenizer, our producer, for all these episodes.

JP: The target of the present is de facto inserting a camera at a lunch that we have got collectively. So after we are on camera for that podcast, it’s appropriate a conversation that you and I essentially contain. It has some format on the opposite hand it’s no longer scripted and we appropriate creep on issues we are .

Brent, as someone with a “non-light” professional broadcasting background, how has Jeff helped you contain and polish your skill?

BH: He’s identified as “The Expert.” He went to school for this and it’s been his dream to be a broadcaster. For me, I had no thought the build to launch. I didn’t know the variation between play-by-play and colour commentary. I had no clue that these were separate roles. I could possibly well possibly appropriate study via Jeff and I changed into so impressed.

“I had no thought the build to launch. I didn’t know the variation between play-by-play and colour commentary.”

He has this inner clock, so if there’s a 10 2d “out” he can talk for exactly 10 seconds. Each time we have got the chance to creep within the gross sales plan, I will have the ability to feed off of him and know the blueprint this ingredient is presupposed to float.

And we have got that pure chemistry the build he knows he can come to me, and I’ll creep off on some tangent, and then I will have the ability to pull support and come in to him so he can ship us support into portray for the unique.

Jeff, you come from a more light broadcasting background in TV and sports activities. Reporting in general is a lonely world. How does having a associate luxuriate in Brent mean you are going to be ready to survey the more social aspect of your personality as a broadcaster?

JP: I judge the main ingredient that I noticed about Brent changed into his power level off-camera and how it translated to on-camera. It’s essentially laborious to ship a message that you are all the blueprint in which via a prolonged broadcast. It’s moderately of bit simpler for us at the rupture desk segments the build it is most likely you’ll possibly well possibly even contain three minutes. You possibly is also stuffed with life and fervent for these three minutes. But the manner Brent is ready to elevate that passion across hours and hours, I knew that they essentially had found one thing in a broadcaster.

What Brent has performed, to his credit rating, is ship my personality out moderately of bit I could possibly well possibly disclose (laughing)…

BH: (laughing) I had a goal on Friday Evening Poker. I undergo in mind Amanda and I were luxuriate in “We have to receive Jeff to impart.” On myth of he’s one of these professional and he’s so talented at what he does, I thought what let’s receive him to come support out of his shell moderately of bit. And he knows creep from aspect to aspect. He knows be buttoned up and dialed in, on the sideline or within the gross sales plan. An actual professional. And he knows when he can deviate moderately of bit.

JP: Some poker declares name for a more informal broadcasting setting. Let’s be factual right here: In most cases the poker is no longer that exciting. Even as you’re staring at six hours of coverage, especially on-line when it’s playing cards-down coverage, it could perhaps possibly well possibly receive moderately boring whenever you appropriate follow poker. We’ve been ready to department out moderately and Brent has roughly dragged me along with him. He desires me to showcase my personality. He desires me to ship out what he saw at lunch. So he will receive me to talk about basketball, or my dating life to assemble me wretched, or he can contain me drink on camera. So now in poker declares, I essentially feel luxuriate in I is also myself. I don’t decide on to be this huge-polished professional who never will get out of line or makes a mistake. I will have the ability to appropriate be me, Brent knows that he is also Brent, and that’s what makes our partnership work so successfully.

Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks
Jeff Platt & Brent Hanks

What is your schedule taking a see luxuriate in for the summer season?

BH: With any luck busy. We are wanting to assemble each and one and all of the majors constructing. Obviously, we have got the USPO correct now. We’d like to be absorbing with the PokerGO Cup and the PokerGO Heads Up Championship later this summer season. It’s to make certain what our roles are going to be but we’d like to be absorbing with as most of the massive events as that you are going to be ready to imagine.

JP: We attempt no longer to be worrying, but at the identical time we on the total pronounce them we are wanting to assemble all the pieces. We are wanting to be absorbing, whether or no longer it’s on the rupture desk or within the commentary gross sales plan. Fully all the pieces.

Enact it is most likely you’ll possibly well possibly in truth contain a goal as a pair?

BH: Yeah, we have got a goal. We at last are wanting to be the tip team. We want the largest events within the enviornment. We want the World Series of Poker Foremost Occasion. When that opportunity is there, we are wanting to assemble obvious we are ready for it.

JP: I judge if you’re the change that you work in, you repeatedly are wanting to receive to the tip correct? That doesn’t mean we are wanting to push Vince and Tony off the roof of the World Poker Tour, and that doesn’t mean we are wanting to shove Lon and Norm faraway from the WSOP Foremost Occasion, on the opposite hand it does mean that we have got a goal and we are wanting to receive there one day.

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*Images courtesy of PokerGO.