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Lev Gottlieb Wins Two GG Spring Festival Events in One Day!

Matthew Pitt

Gottlieb double win

Most poker players may maybe presumably be explain material with winning a single GG Spring Festival occasion. Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb isn’t any longer a form of players. Gottlieb no longer most challenging gained the $10,300 Smartly-organized MILLION$ occasion for $586,074, he took down the $10,300 Smartly-organized Tuesday for $320,729 on the same day!

The 312-sturdy Smartly-organized MILLION$ crowd absorb been whittled to the closing desk of 9 on April 3, with these 9 players returning to the action at GGPoker on April 6. Gottlieb held the chip lead as the closing desk shuffled up and dealt, but he silent had deal of work sooner than him to preserve the match down.

Aliaksei Boika fell in ninth-verbalize on the palms of Matthias “ILUCKuHARD” Lipp earlier than Andrea Datobusted in eighth-verbalize and collected the closing 5-resolve prize of the match.

Word the GG Spring Festival LIVE

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Argentina’s Damian Salas 10 tall blind three-bet all-in with pocket nines didn’t hurry to devise because Pedro Garagnani looked him up with the suitable pocket tens. Game over for Salas.

The closing desk turned a little bit less shark-infested when the unhealthy Christian Rudolph ran his ace-six into the dominating ace-queen held by Juan Pardo Dominguez. Rudolph’s Spanish executioner couldn’t put these chips to accurate expend because he was the following player out of the door.

Each of the remainder four players locked up a quarter of a million greenbacks and absorb been most challenging three bust outs away from bigger than $580,000.

Jordan “PiePie” Cristos bowed out with pocket sevens against Gottlieb’s nines, and heads-up was verbalize almost straight away after when Lipp ran a triple barrel bluff against Garagnani most challenging to sight his opponent had turned a straight.

The chip stacks absorb been reasonably even going into heads-up, but Gottlieb gained basically the most primary palms and soared into the lead. The closing hand took verbalize on the 175,000/350,000/45,000a stage, and seen Garagnani originate-shove for 3,267,450 with queen-jack. Gottlieb woke up with aces, and made the very best likely name of his profession. Garagnani improved to trips by the river, but Gottlieb’s aces became a full home. Victory #1 was secured.

GG Spring Festival Tournament H-05: $10,300 Smartly-organized MILLION$ Final Table Results

Save Player Country Prize
1 Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb Mexico $586,074
2 Pedro Garagnani Brazil $451,926
3 Matthias “ILUCkuHARD” Lipp Austria $348,482
4 Jordan “PiePie” Cristos United States $268,717
5 Juan Pardo Dominguez Spain $207,209
6 Christian Rudolph Germany $159,780
7 Damian Salas Argentina $123,207
8 Andrea Dato Italy $95,006
9 Aliaksei Boika Belarus $73,259

Relive the Smartly-organized MILLION$ Final Day’s Action

Gottlieb Takes Down 2nd $10Ample Tournament of the Evening

The $10,300 Smartly-organized Tuesday attracted a enviornment of 141 entrants and it most challenging took 9.5 hours to sight all but one tumble by the wayside. Gottlieb was the final particular person standing as soon as again.

As that you just too can imagine, the closing desk of this match was ideal as stacked with skills as the Smartly-organized MILLION$ he gained earlier. Fabrizio Gonzalez crashed out in ninth verbalize, and QuantumKey of Croatia and the in-construct Joakim Andersson adopted suit.

Shawn Daniels‘s exit in sixth-verbalize secured him a $76,057 payout, with David Peters netting $101,423 when he slipped up in fifth.

Christian Rudolph, who earlier carried out sixth in the Smartly-organized MILLION$ for $159,780, scooped an additional $135,250 here when his match ended all of sudden in fourth.

High stakes guru Timothy Adams bowed out in third for $180,359 to head away Joao Vieira and Gottlieb heads-up. Gottlieb clinched the title and the $320,729 top prize, leaving Vieira to stroll away with $240,513.

GG Spring Festival H-15: $10,300 Smartly-organized Tuesday Final Table Results

Save Player Country Prize
1 Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb Mexico $320,729
2 Joao Vieira Portugal $240,513
3 Timothy Adams Canada $180,359
4 Christian Rudolph Germany $135,250
5 David Peters United States $101,423
6 Shawn Daniels Mexico $76,057
7 Joakim Andersson Sweden $57,035
8 QuantumKey Croatia $42,770
9 Fabrizio Gonzalez Uruguay $32,073

A total lot of other high-stakes contests will sigh in the weeks to come succor, most seriously any other eight $25,500 High Rollers including two extra Sunday 5 Million editions. The PokerNews staff will present live updates from selected highlight events in some unspecified time in the future of the file-surroundings competition.