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Jonathan Little Breaks Down 2020 WSOP Famous Tournament Last Hand Between Salas & Botteon

Jonathan Little

Bruno Botteon vs Damian Salas

This hand from the 2020 World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) Famous Tournament at King’s Casino in Rozvadov has a complete bunch talking components as Bruno Botteon tried to pull off a big bluff. Most final hands of a tournament are no longer very challenging because the stacks bring together shallow and gamers gain themselves all in preflop, but this one is truly very challenging with some challenging choices from every gamers.

The hand took pickle in the 300,000/600,000/600,000 degree when Damian Salas (27.5 million) limped the shrimp blind with an unknown hand and Botteon (10.4 million) looked down on the {3-Hearts}{7-Hearts}, which he checked. The {k-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Hearts} flop gave Botteon backdoor straight and flush attracts, but he accumulated checked to Salas. I’d correct kind fold to of project right here, I don’t genuinely search for some other alternatives, but Salas checked unhurried.

That bought us to the challenging level in the hand when the {6-Hearts} appeared on the turn. Botteon picked up every straight and flush attracts, so what is how you would possibly perhaps perchance perhaps scuttle about playing this beautiful solid method? Ought to accumulated we compare? Wager shrimp, like 600Okay? Wager medium, like 1.2 million? Or bet big, 1.8 million, the dimensions of the pot?

“If we enact advance to a resolution to bet, we want to make certain that that if we bet and enact bring together raised, we’re no longer placing ourselves in a popularity the put we’re going to want to fold a hand with plenty of equity.”

What we truly don’t resolve on is to bring together blown off our hand. If we enact advance to a resolution to bet, we want to make certain that that if we bet and enact bring together raised, we’re no longer placing ourselves in a popularity the put we’re going to want to fold a hand with plenty of equity. That is a popularity the put you’ll need to make certain that you just would possibly perhaps perchance be the one placing in the perfect bet.

If we did bet medium or big and acquired shoved on, that can perhaps perchance be a catastrophe as we’d want to fold. But what about a smaller bet like 600Okay? If Salas does lift, he perhaps makes it 1.8-2 million, which we can both name or easily shove all in. So, for us to be pleased the skill to place in the perfect bet, we both want to bet shrimp or compare. If it goes compare-compare, we bring together to scuttle searching for to gain the river, and if we compare and face a shrimp bet, we can name with honest odds.

I deem the play is to both bet shrimp or compare, and Botteon did compare. Salas bet 1 million, which become kind of an stressful size as if we enact shove all in, it’s a big jam. Any king or better can fairly name, and he probably would name with any premium method. I’m no longer a big fan of intriguing all in right here, so must we scuttle for a shrimp lift? The subject with that is we’d bring together shoved all-in on once rapidly.

I deem the play right here is to both name or scuttle all in, and the latter is a immense possibility. Calling isn’t immense beautiful both as we’re most challenging going to bring together there about 25 percent of the time, which is ready breakeven odds. Everytime you’ve got breakeven odds and there’s a honest probability extra money will scuttle in on later streets, you’ve got implied odds. On condition that, I deem the play is to name to scuttle searching for to gain the river.

Nonetheless, Botteon went for the compare-lift by making it 2.8 million out of his 9.8 million stack. This play had the ability to scuttle terribly awful in those cases when the shrimp blind goes all-in, but that didn’t happen as Salas correct kind called to scuttle searching for to gain the {8-Clubs} river.

Botteon uncared for but when there become a popularity to scuttle all in with out truly making a hand, this become perhaps it. The club flush bought there, and the seven-5 straight bought there. It become a honest card to indicate. Plus, Botteon had 7 million again and the pot become 7.4 million, so it become straightforward all in. He shoved and Salas called with the {k-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} for the rivered two pair and the preserve.

For a extra thorough breakdown of this hand, along side why Salas probably would be pleased called with even correct kind a pair of kings with a passe kicker, compare out my thoughts in the following video:

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