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2021 Card Participant Participant of the 365 days Flee Exchange — Liu, Hyun, McKeehen, and Imsirovic Be half of Prime Five

The first quarter of the year is now in the books, and the early checklist of prime contenders is initiating to elevate shape in the 2021 Card Participant Participant of the 365 days walk. This article will elevate a more in-depth stare on the gamers who made the biggest moves all the draw in which by draw of the last month in the POY standings, that are backed by World Poker.

1st Plight – Qing Liu (3,271 sides)

Qing LiuQing Liu surged into the outright lead in the POY walk after a red-hot month of March in Las Vegas. He became the first player to surpass $1 million in live tournament earnings in 2021, and has also made the most POY-licensed last tables of any player but with eight.

Liu had already made four last tables and received a title by draw of the first two months of the year. In March on my own he added four more POY-licensed last-desk showings, including right the 2021 World Poker Tour Venetian $5,000 plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em main match. He outlasted a story-atmosphere self-discipline of 937 entries (the most in WPT historic past for that tag point) to construct $752,880 and 1,824 POY sides.

Extremely, Liu’s wild trot became no longer but done, as he became amongst the last six gamers on the WPT Gardens Poker Championship $10,000 plan terminate-in main match last desk that became quandary in January of 2020 but could maybe well no longer play out all by draw of the COVID-19 shutdown of live poker. The match lastly resumed 422 days after the last desk became quandary, with Liu as one in all the short stacks when play got befriend underway lawful in the end after he had received the title at Venetian. Liu went on to succeed in sixth for $111,795 and 340 sides. With a pair of fifth-set aside of living showing in $1,100 plan terminate-in events on the Venetian bookending his two huge ratings in March, Liu has cemented his withhold on the discontinue quandary in the rankings. He now has two titles, eight last tables, $1,038,007 in year-to-date earnings, and 3,271 sides to his title heading into the 2d quarter of the year.

2nd Plight – Sung Joo Hyun (2,172 sides)

Sung Joo HyunSouth Korea’s Sung Joo Hyun emerged victorious in the 2021 Wynn Spring Classic $3,500 plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em championship match, earning $323,409 and his 2d huge title of the year. Hyun had reach out on prime in the WPT DeepStacks Venetian $1,600 plan terminate-in match lawful six weeks earlier for $208,335. The two ratings are the biggest of his profession, collectively making up nearly all of his $1,033,602 in lifetime earnings.

Hyun had received his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet all by draw of the 2020 WSOP Online series last summer season, overcoming a self-discipline of 2,307 entries to earn the $500 plan terminate-in match for $161,898.

Hyun earned 1,260 POY sides for his most neatly-liked victory. When blended with the 912 sides he became awarded at Venetian in February, Hyun he now sits in 2d set aside of living in the 2021 POY walk standings with 2,172 total sides and $531,744 in year-to-date earnings.

3rd Plight – Joe McKeehen (2,000 sides)

Joseph McKeehenJoseph McKeehen performed because the runner-as a lot as Qing Liu in the WPT Venetian $5,000 plan terminate-in main match for $491,960 and 1,520 sides. Extremely, the 29-year-worn poker educated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over again managed to manufacture it the final manner down to heads-up play in every other main match lawful two days later.

The three-time WSOP bracelet winner and 2015 world champion navigated his draw by draw of a self-discipline of 83 entries to earn the Wynn Spring Classic $10,500 plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em excessive roller match, beating Shawn Daniels heads-as a lot as true the title, the $224,100 prime prize and 480 POY sides.

McKeehen now has 2,000 total sides and $716,060 in POY earnings, which locks him into third set aside of living on the 2021 leaderboard.

4th Plight – Ali Imsirovic (1,654 sides)

Ali ImsirovicAli Imsirovic dominated the four-match excessive roller series held at ARIA Poker Room in Las Vegas over the last weekend of March and spilling into the first few days of April. The 26-year-worn poker educated made it the final manner down to heads-up play in three consecutive events, facing Sean Perry for the title every time (more on Perry later listed right here).

Imsirovic received two of the three heads-up showdowns, cashing for $721,300 along the manner. The Bosnian-born American gathered 922 POY sides across his three cashes all by draw of this series. He has now made seven POY-licensed last tables to this point in 2021. With 1,654 total sides and $1,380,610 in total cashes as a lot as this point, he has surged into fourth set aside of living on the POY leaderboard in the in the period in-between.

Imsirovic kicked off his spree with a runner-up succeed in to Perry in the 2d of two $10,000 plan terminate-in excessive rollers on the time desk, earning $111,300. The following day he came out on prime in the first of two $25,000 plan terminate-in events to true the title and the $310,000 prime prize. He closed out the series by right the last $25,000 plan terminate-in for every other $300,000.

Sixth Plight – Tuan Mai (1,536 sides)

Tuan MaiTuan Mai is one in all lawful three gamers to own made eight POY-licensed last tables to this point in 2021, joining POY walk chief Qing Liu and David Larson.

Mai had made six last tables by draw of the first two months of the year, and then added two more huge ratings in March. First, he performed because the runner-up in a $1,100 plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em ‘DoubleStack’ match on the Venetian DeepStack Showdown. He navigated his draw by draw of a self-discipline of 336 entries in that match to construct $55,066 and 400 POY sides. This became the biggest secure of his 2021 marketing campaign.

Factual ten days later he came out on prime of a 507-entry self-discipline in the $400 plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em match on the same series so as to add every other $37,315 and 336 sides to his totals. It became his first title of the year. Mai now sits in sixth set aside of living in the standings, with 1,536 sides and $184,213 in cashes to this point.

9th Plight – Artur Martirosyan (1,396 sides)

Artur MartirosyanArtur Martirosyan emerged victorious from a self-discipline of 852 total entries to earn the 2021 PokerStars European Poker Tour Sochi 175,000 RUB ($2,352 USD) plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em main match. The 23-year-worn Russian poker educated secured his first EPT main match title in the activity, turning into lawful the sixth player from Russia to earn a principal match on the tour. He also took home the discontinue prize of 24,633,000 RUB ($325,370 USD), which elevated his recorded tournament earnings to lawful alarmed of $1.5 million.

To boot to the title and the cash, Martirosyan became also awarded 912 POY sides for his 2d title of the year. Both of his wins took set aside of living on the same venue: On line casino Sochi. Factual over a month previous to his EPT victory, Martirosyan received a 57,750 RUB ($762 USD) plan terminate-in no-limit withhold’em match all by draw of the WPT Russia competition to construct $41,417 USD and 228 POY sides. With these two titles and every other last-desk succeed in beneath his belt, Martirosyan now sits in seventh set aside of living in the rankings with $416,550 USD in POY-licensed earnings and 1,396 sides.

11th Plight – Sean Perry (1,370 sides)

Sean PerryThe ARIA April Excessive Roller Series consisted of 4 excessive-stakes events held on consecutive days, initiating on the last day of March. Sean Perry cashed in all four events, finishing in the discontinue two locations in three of 4 and right one title along the manner. Perry gathered $601,300 in earnings across these four last-desk finishes, including 985 POY sides as effectively.

Perry, the son of WSOP bracelet winner Ralph Perry, also cashed in three of 4 of the ARIA’s excessive roller series held in early March for every other $160,798 and 368 sides. Perry’s diminutive-self-discipline, excessive-plan terminate-in success in 2021 has catapulted him into 11th set aside of living on the POY leaderboard.

Perry now has over $1.6 million in profession live tournament earnings, with $731,700 of that being earned in only the past two months.

Here’s a stare on the present prime 20 in the POY walk standings:

Contaminated Participant POY Aspects 2021 Titles 2021 Final Tables 365 days-to-Date POY Earnings
1 Qing Liu 3,271 2 8 $1,038,007
2 Sung Joo Hyun 2,172 2 2 $531,744
3 Joseph McKeehen 2,000 1 2 $716,060
4 Ali Imsirovic 1,654 4 7 $1,380,610
5 Ilyas Muradi 1,620 1 1 $620,000
6 Tuan Mai 1,536 1 8 $184,213
7 Fernando Rodriguez-Vazquez 1,488 3 5 $283,293
8 Ankush Mandavia 1,420 1 2 $309,800
9 Artur Martirosyan 1,396 2 3 $416,550
10 Timothy Gilliam 1,392 2 2 $233,105
11 Sean Perry 1,370 1 7 $731,700
12 Robel Andemichael 1,350 0 1 $545,500
13 Roland Rokita 1,216 0 1 $363,235
14 Nicholas Pupillo 1,215 1 5 $122,252
15 Will Failla 1,180 0 2 $209,668
16 Scott Stewart 1,120 1 2 $199,167
17 Anselmo Villarreal 1,087 1 2 $255,941
18 Adam Walton 1,083 1 4 $120,983
19 Ronnie Bardah 1,080 0 1 $566,135
19 Hal Rotholz 1,080 1 1 $180,986