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2020 Card Participant Poker Participant of the 365 days High-tail: March Update

The reside tournament poker circuit floor to a conclude within the preferrred weeks of March, attributable to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. No topic that, the month silent saw diverse run internal the tip 20 of the 2020 Card Participant Participant of the 365 days flee, which is sponsored by Global Poker. Here is a stare on the avid gamers who made the finest influence over the previous month:

4th – Cary Katz (2,095 points)

Cary KatzThe 2020 partypoker MILLIONS Neat Excessive Roller Sochi series played host to 10 events, including the inaugural working of the Neat Excessive Roller Bowl Russia. Cary Katz made the cash in four of these events, cashing for a cumulative $1,270,000 within the span of factual over a week.

Katz kicked things with a fourth-station exhibiting in a $25,000 purchase-in transient deck tournament for $105,000 and 210 POY points. Upright a couple of days later Katz made support-to-support final tables in a pair of $50,000 purchase-in events, ending sixth in a no-restrict protect’em tournament ($135,000 and 170 points) and fourth in any other fast deck tournament ($250,000 and 255 points). Katz closed out his cashing spree with a runner-up exhibiting in a $100,000 purchase-in transient deck tournament for $780,000 and 300 points. With these four cashes in March, Katz climbed into fourth station within the total POY rankings. He has one title and eight final-table finishes up to now in 2020, with extra than $2.4 million in year-to-date earnings.

Katz has been one in every of essentially the most fixed performers within the POY flee in most modern years. He has accomplished internal the tip 20 within the preferrred standings for four straight years now, with an common make factual better than 13th station. The 50-year-passe American businessman and poker player seems correctly on his map to making it five consecutive years with a year-discontinuance rating internal the tip 20, having already made eight total final tables thru the first three months of 2020.

fifth – Kahle Burns (1,956 points)

Kahle BurnsFresh off of a major-five make within the 2019 POY flee, Australian poker professional Kahle Burns hit the bottom working in 2020. He made four final tables within the first five weeks of the year, a success two titles and cashing for added than $2.5 million along the vogue.

Burns backed up his sizzling begin with two extra final-table showings in March. He accomplished sixth within the $100,000 purchase-in no-restrict protect’em high roller on the MILLIONS Neat Excessive Roller Sochi series of $252,000 and 200 points, after which added any other $124,000 and 170 points for a fifth-station make in a $50,000 purchase-in tournament.

The two high roller rankings in Russia were ample to transfer Burns into fifth station on the POY leaderboard.

seventh – Aaron Van Blarcum (1,896 points)

Aaron Van BlarcumAaron Van Blarcum is tied with Cary Katz for essentially the most final tables made up to now in 2020 with eight. The 2019 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker fundamental tournament champion had most engaging eight recorded reside tournament cashes outdated to a success his WPT title in August of ultimate year. Since then, he has been a fashioned on the tournament circuit, including the obliging high roller scene. Van Blarcum went on a proceed in Sochi, cashing in four of the first eight events held within the Russian resort city. The 43-year-passe Dallas, Texas resident cashed for $684,500 within the course of the week, accumulating 916 POY points along the vogue.

He started things off in Russia with a third-station exhibiting in a $25,000 fast deck tournament for $168,000 and 280 points. He then went on a support-to-support-to-support proceed, ending sixth or better in three straight events over the course of three days. He accomplished sixth in any other $25,000 fast deck tournament ($91,500 and 168 points), fourth in a $50,000 no-restrict protect’em tournament ($225,000 and 255 points) and fifth in a $50,000 fast deck tournament ($200,000 and 213 points).

With extra than $1.8 million in year-to-date earnings, Van Blarcum now sits in seventh station within the POY flee standings. He appears to be like correctly located to crimson meat up on his outdated high make of 23rd which he arena in 2019.

Eighth – Sam Greenwood (1,881 points)

Sam GreenwoodCanadian poker professional Sam Greenwood made four final tables on the high roller competition in Russia, all of them coming in $50,000 purchase-in events. Two were no-restrict protect’em tournaments, while the other two were fast deck events. Greenwood cashed for $845,510 across these four events, including 927 POY points to his 2020 total along the vogue. His most engaging cash of the year came when he accomplished third from a discipline of 50 total entries in a single in every of the fast deck events. He took dwelling $350,000 and 340 points.

Greenwood had beforehand made two final tables in high stakes events on the Aussie Hundreds of hundreds competition for any other $512,297 and 954 points. With six total final-table finishes, $1,357,807 in earnings up to now this year and 1,881 points, Greenwood now sits in eighth station within the POY rankings.

9th – Tim Adams (1,857 points)

Tim AdamsNo one has cashed for further cash in reside poker tournaments in 2020 than Tim Adams. The Canadian poker professional has already amassed $5,904,777 in earnings within the first few months of 2020.

Adams has made six final tables and won three titles, two of which personal method in $250,000 purchase-in Neat Excessive Roller Bowl events. Upright 41 days after taking down the inaugural Neat Excessive Roller Bowl Australia for $1,490,400 and 240 points, Adams managed to method support to the winner’s circle with a victory within the first-ever Neat Excessive Roller Bowl Russia. He overcame a discipline of 40 total entries within the tournament to operate $3.6 million and 600 extra points.

With three titles, six final tables, and 1,857 total points, Adams on the moment occupies the ninth-station divulge on the leaderboard.

17th – Alex Foxen (1,597)

Alex FoxenAlex Foxen has accomplished internal the tip three within the POY flee standings every of the previous two years bettering on his Third-station make in 2018 with a runner-up exhibiting in 2019. The younger American professional kicked off 2020 with a bang, making six final tables and cashing for added than $1.6 million within the first two months of the year.

Foxen’s most accomplishment on the circuit was a victory in a $25,000 purchase-in no-restrict protect’em high roller on the 2020 L.A. Poker Traditional series at The Commerce Resort & Casino. He outlasted a discipline of 20 entries to get rid of $237,452 and 252 points.

The rating in Los Angeles was ample to transfer Foxen internal the tip 20 heading into April.

19th – Stephen Chidwick (1,537)

Stephen ChidwickDefending Card Participant Participant of the 365 days award winner Stephen Chidwick has accomplished internal the tip 50 within the POY flee for five straight years, closing out that trail with a second-station make in 2018 and, obviously, a get rid of in 2019.

The 30-year-passe poker professional from Deal, England seems poised to protect up his dawdle of rating finishes within the POY flee alive, as a most modern pair of high stakes tournament final-table finishes personal helped propel him internal the tip 20 within the standings.

Chidwick placed sixth in a $25,000 fast deck tournament in Sochi for $63,000 and 140 points. He later accomplished third in a $50,000 no-restrict protect’em tournament on the identical series for any other $248,000 and 272 points.

With a title, six final tables and $1,043,973 in year-to-date earnings, Chidwick has moved into 19th station for the time being.

Here is a stare on the sizzling prime 20 within the 2020 POY flee standings:

Disagreeable Participant POY Points 2020 Titles 2020 Closing Tables 365 days-to-Date Earnings
1 Vincent Wan 2,280 1 1 $909,420
2 Farid Jattin 2,177 3 6 $1,205,493
3 Anton Suarez 2,100 1 1 $1,000,000
4 Cary Katz 2,095 1 8 $2,420,543
5 Kahle Burns 1,956 2 6 $2,923,988
6 Ngoc Hoang 1,900 0 1 $909,420
7 Aaron Van Blarcum 1,896 0 8 $1,854,522
8 Sam Greenwood 1,881 0 6 $1,357,807
9 Tim Adams 1,857 3 6 $5,904,777
10 Brian Altman 1,848 2 3 $542,866
11 Michael Addamo 1,806 2 5 $2,143,310
12 Pablo SIlva 1,800 1 1 $1,000,000
13 Christian Rudolph 1,750 0 1 $620,000
14 James Romero 1,736 1 2 $745,000
15 Erik Seidel 1,686 0 5 $669,649
16 Eric Afriat 1,680 1 1 $394,120
17 Alex Foxen 1,597 1 6 $1,603,559
18 Nino Ullmann 1,540 0 2 $370,609
19 Stephen Chidwick 1,537 1 6 $1,043,973
20 Gareth Pepper 1,520 0 1 $690,000

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